Words and Advice From a Professional

By Adam Clist Wynant - Published in 2003

Below are some words from professional boxer Adam Wynant. Adam is currently on the rebound from what was a bumpy start to a professional career. He has learned the importance of surrounding himself with a strong, trustworthy team. He has valuable words to share to all aspiring boxers. You must remember that boxing is an individual sport inside the ring, but a team sport outside of the ring. You must surround yourself with trainers, managers, and promoters that have YOUR interest at heart. The sport of boxing is full of “sharks” that lurk around the talent pool of young men aspiring to become world champions. These “sharks” prey upon the young fighter who has yet to learn the business of boxing. Listen to Adam and learn from his experience.

Adam’s Story…

My name is Adam Clist Wynant and I am a pro fighter from Indianapolis, Indiana. I have a 6-3-1(2 KO's) record. I have been professional for five years but have only been serious about my sport for 1 year. This course of events, though very unfortunate, provides a very good learning experience. I began my boxing career in the professional ranks after 10 years as an amateur. With the amateur boxing programs in Indiana leaving a lot to be desired, I was a fighter without much guidance, dreaming of professional titles. After compiling a 40-12 record with several exhibitions, (exhibitions are not recorded as bouts by the USA Amateur Boxing Association) I decided it was time to focus on a professional career. Unfortunately, I came up the hard way. Four years later, I found myself with a 5-3-1 (2 KOs) record, having fought as an opponent against Sammy Mahomud 14-4 (9KO's) and Ramon Alleano 24-0 (21KO's).

The opponent role is common in boxing particularly in the mid-west. This is not the role you want to be in. I now have limited choices and must make the best of what I have to work with, hoping to make better decisions in the future. Fortunately, I have found a great guy in Mike Caporelli from New Jersey who acts as my manager and trainer. He is someone who cares much more about me than any money I might earn. With Mike, my wife, my strength and plyometrics coach, and myself, I now have a good team around me.

If anything positive is achieved through this writing, I hope that it serves to educate the young aspiring boxer. I would hope that he or she would learn from my mistakes and take their time. Not only in learning their craft, but also with selecting their team. The world champion does not just consist of the champion but the good people he has surrounded himself with. Be smart and I pray that GOD would bless you.

Questions may be directed to Adam at [email protected]

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