I (Ross Enamait) created as a training resource for aspiring fighters. This is a FREE website. I earn my living offline, training real athletes. This site is not here to sell you anything.

I created this site to help fuel my love for the sport of boxing. I have been involved in the sport as both an athlete and coach for most of my life. I boxed in the amateurs for over a decade, but unfortunately fell prey to injury. I endured three fractured hands, a broken arm, and ligament damage in my wrist. I was young and ignorant, and never allowed myself time to properly heal.

Although inopportune, my injuries allowed me to transition to coaching. I am still involved in the sport, only now as a trainer. My injuries were a blessing in disguise. I now hope that others can learn from the many mistakes that I made.

As a youngster, I boxed out of the San Juan Center and was fortunate to work with great trainers and fighters such as Rollie Pier, Kent Ward, John Scully, Pepe Vasquez, Harry Figueroa, Marlon Starling, and Cisco Zayas.

Below are some pictures from earlier in my life. The first is at age 4, while the the remaining are from the early 1990's.

Fast forwarding to the year 2008, I am now in my 30's, and operate a training business in my home state of Connecticut. I have been fortunate to work with some of the best fighters in the world and continue to stay highly involved at the gym. If you are in the Connecticut area, let me know. We are always in the gym.

Working the corner in a title eliminator

I also encourage you to browse through the training articles and interact with fellow fighters on the message board.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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